Poetic Synergy

Would you like to donate a line of poetry for another poet to use?

 Feel free  to grab a line from the comments section, write a new poem incorporating it, and then give credit to who the line orginally came from.

Here is a poem I wrote using this process:


17 Responses

  1. I donate this line:
    I’m dancing with the ghost that you are.

    From Sara at The Shores of My Dreams. Orginal Poem it came from is called Beloved.


  2. personally, i would like to see a weekly prompt come of this… there are so many excellent lines that can become the cornerstones of yet more fine poetry… i am thinking… why not post one a week,, and set us free to see what we can do???

  3. We’ll have to see if the project takes off. Hopefully more poets will leave lines and more will grab lines and then leave us a link to the new poem.

  4. well,, this line was so ripe for the picking,,, i allowed it to pretty much write itself…


    and i am off now to find a line that will be suitable… i really hope you get a response to this,,, this is one of the most flattering forms of prompted poetry i do believe….

  5. Here’s my line:

    He slammed bricks of truth on the wood floor.

    Personally, I don’t need any more prompts! There are so many. But all of us writing together is wonderful. Ceridwen got me interested in this, and I think it’s great.

  6. Thanks for the line, Sara. Here’s a poem:

    Dandelion moon

  7. Thanks for playing along, Mariacristina. Your poem was extremely well done.

  8. since few seem to have a real interest in doing this exercise,, i decided i would carry on… i took the following two lines that i really loved from a poem i was uncomfortable with,, and recreated what i feel is an outstanding verse surrounding it…
    the lines:
    “entrapped in my own thorns,, dried withered vine
    beauty lost, youth misspent, pearls before swine…..”

    please feel free to critique…

    “pearls before swine”

  9. I used Mariacristina’s line to write:
    Broken Curses

  10. […] This was written for Poets Who Blog Interactive’s Poetic Synergy.  Original line came from Sara in her poem […]

  11. Here is my poem based on Sara’s line, Dancing with the Ghost

  12. If everyone who takes a line would also leave a line, we’d have a lot more collaboration! How about some more lines?

    More lines from me, haiku. Feel free to change the line length, or whatever-
    The distant sun pales
    her heart turns to ice again
    she walks searching warmth


    Snow crusts drought-burned grass
    cedar fingers graze thin clouds
    hope shines from the sky

    Please use whatever line grabs you! But do leave a line of your own. It’s more friendly that way, don’t you think?

  13. Here’s my line (taken from my poem The Cultural Inheritance of my Hypotheticla grad-daughter:

    Yellow butterflies drink salt from your tears

  14. Here is a line (from my poem Blackberries)

    Beads of water clinging to small, enchanted spaces.

  15. Thanks to all of you for donating lines! I wrote this poem:

    Alone in the dance hall

    I’m not sure if this is a finished piece, but I know I’d like to meet the man in this poem!

  16. Thanks for leaving a line Heather and Crafty Green Poet.

  17. Butterflies

    I used Crafty Green Poet’s line.

    Here’s a line from one of my poems.

    We always believed in not believing in something until we do believe

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