The Boundless Inspiration Project

Photographer Anthony McCune has offered to let all PWB members use his photos to supplement their poetry posts.

 So your challenge is to visit his site,Artistic Photography, find a picture that inspires you and then to create a new poem.

Save the photo to your computer, then post the poem and photo together on your blog.

Mr. McCune asks that you remember to credit the photo to him and link to his site within your post. Also, please leave a comment for him on the photo you decided to use. Please remember to comply with all three of these Terms of Use.

Leave a link here if you decide to take part. Thanks for visiting PWB Interactive.


13 Responses

  1. i am all about visual stimulation.. i am on my way!!!! thank you for securing his permission…

    question on this promise poetry group, it is thursday,, and none of the poets in my group have updated, as i have the,m all in my reader.. do i just go there and comment on the last submission??? maybe i should have asked this question before…

  2. Hello! Paisley asks a good question. I was just recently added to the PWB list. So, I was wondering who do I comment on? How do I get on a particular list? Do I just pick four people and start commenting? Just let me know and I will try to get around tonight to my four. Thanks for your help.

    I will try to get over and take a look at McCune’s photos. If I use one I will be sure to come back here and leave my link.

  3. well… my poem has been up since last night and no one in my group has visited me… most of my other poets don’t even have poetry as the last entry or it isn’t their poem… i wish i would have asked all these questions before.. but i didn’t really know what it was going to be like……

    is there a page somewhere that lists the groups… maybe i could go visit someone else’s group too…..
    please let me know what to do….

  4. why paisley, You may comment on any poem they have on their site. Some people update weekly, and some don’t.

    Some are good about stopping by often and some more random.


  5. Michelle,

    You did join PWB, welcome! But I do not believe you joined an I Promise Blogroll, which is what Paisley and I were talking about.

    You just need to, whenever you have time, head to PWB and visit the poets listed under Recently Updated. That would be wonderful, and is the main purpose of PWB, but only some people take it seriously.

  6. Here’s a link to a poem inspired in part by Anthony’s photos, and also from the collaborative project.

    Alone in the dance hall

  7. Thanks for taking part, mariacristina.

  8. alas i have published my poem featuring one of the lovely photos provided by anthony mccune… thank you so much for the inspiration

    “in the shade of the cucumber magnolia…”

  9. […] for this exercise at Poets Who Blog. Photo Credit: Anthony McCune who blogs at Artistic […]

  10. I used one of Anthony’s photographs called August Moon. Here is the link to the poem: Moonsong

  11. Here is a link to the poem I wrote from one of Anthony’s sunset photographs: Way to Night.

  12. Oops– previous comment was formatted incorrectly. Here the correct version–

    Here is the link to the poem I wrote from one of Anthony’s sunset photographs: A Way to Night.

  13. […] of this post, by Anthony McCune. Another ongoing project from Poet’s Who Blog Interactive is Boundless Inspiration, which challenges poets to write a poem illustrating one of the stunning nature photos found on Mr. […]

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