Lyrics and Verse Challenge

Your challenge for this prompt is to find a line within the lyrics of the song I’ve linked to below. Use just one line from that song as the first line in a new poem. 

Click here to read the lyrics to I’m Your Man by Leonard Cohen

Leave a link to the poem you create in the comments section.




12 Responses

  1. well mine is silly,, but i was going to be writing a limerick and haiku response to mad kane with the prompt,, puppy of dog,, and there just happened to be a line that fit that scenario,, so i will post the link here as well…….

  2. […] to Maria, I found out bout Poets Who Blog Interactive. One of the challenges,  Lyrics and Verse Challenge, is to write a poem commencing with any one line taken from the song I’m Your Man by Leonard […]

  3. If paisley’s is silly, mine is childish. A short revisit to our children story:

  4. Here’s a poem that uses one of Cohen’s lines as the title and theme.

    I’ll wear a mask for you

  5. You can read mine at The Shores of My Dreams


  6. this sort of felt like a song when i was writing it.

  7. Here is the link to mine. I tried to create something that Leonard might like, though it has more in common with “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye” than with “I’m Your Man.”


    “I’ll wear a mask for you” here as well 😀

  9. […] You Want A Boxer This was written off of the lyric and verse challenge prompt on Poets Who Blog Interactive. The prompt was to write a poem with the first line being any […]

  10. I wrote “If You Want A Boxer”. It’s on my blog at:


  11. […] Prompt: Poets who blog […]

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